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Note: At HDSLR Shooter, we try our best to produce great video covering the film and pro video industry. This video was shot while attending a film festival, and the sound and image quality are admittedly subpar. Because of the strength and compelling nature of the content, we felt the shortcomings in quality were worth enduring. We hope you feel the same way.

One of the best parts of living in Los Angeles, is having access to an endless supply of amazing opportunities to not only screen prints of some of the most influential films every to grace the screen, but to do so in the presence of the filmmakers, who then proceed to tell you exactly why and how the film was produced...The little miracle I refer to, (if you’ll pardon my reference to religious iconography,) was the screening of the “The Omen” at the Egyptian Theatre as part of Beyond Fest featuring a discussion and Q&A with director Richard Donner.

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