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This is a 12 minute sneak preview of a documentary we are working on. We wanted to see if there was any interest for this concept. We were curious what people would share if asked the question, "If you had 1 minute to share something from your life, what would you share?" The question serves as a method, not a hard rule, to get people to open up and and explore what's most important or meaningful to them.

We setup our camera in two restaurants in Dallas that were kind enough to let us film there, and invited people out to participate. We also had participants who randomly came over who happened to be at the restaurants on those days.

We came up with the idea 3 years ago but have never been able to travel to shoot it like we want to because of the lack of funds. We are looking to raise funds to shoot in Austin, LA and NY. While in these cities, we plan to interview influential people/celebrities who may be interested in participating and get more behind the scenes footage with our crew and host, documenting the process.


Life: A Documentary on IMDb


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