Save our Environment
From the depths of an exhausted mine to the village on Lake Victoria where a tourist resort is
going to be built, to exorcisms in the suburbs of Dar Es Salaam. Divided into three parts, Swahili
Tales tells us the stories of people who are left at the margins of progress and history. Following
the traces of old and new colonialism, of the survival techniques and of the ghosts of white men,
the two authors venture on the roads of a rich and repeatedly plundered continent, which is
nonetheless still capable of creating life.
Swahili Tales was shooted during the work for the feauture documentary White Men, about the normal life of four african albinos in Mwanza, Tanzania.
14 months for research
4 months for shooting
18 months for editing
The World première was in Florence, during the 53° Festival dei Popoli. Than was hosted by the Festa del cinema di Roma.
Outside festivals, Swahili Tales had been presented with the installation "The specific weight of elements": three contemporary projection on canvas.


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