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6 episodes about recycling, one for each material, made by 120 kids (9-11 years old).
Requirements were quite strict, so to stimulate creativity:
- max 60" long
- animation only
- no language
- animated objects made only of recyclable materials
- soundtrack made only with recyclable instruments
- about recycling and not about reuse
- specific for one of the recycling bins (organic waste, paper, plastic, glass, tin, waste)

Watch the short production documentaries to see how the kids made the soundtrack with:
ORGANIC WASTE: The making of FILMINO UMIDO (1' 07")
PLASTIC: The making of FILMINO DI PLASTICA (1' 24")
GLASS: The making of FILMINO DI VETRO (1' 20")

This video is part of a school project called "Esperimenti di cinema" that consists in making animations. The production is focussed on creativity and collaboration.
To know more see the project website (mainly in Italian):

This video is edited with Free Open Source Software.
It's published with a Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 2.5 Italia.


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