vimeo DRIVE-IN

Joe Presser

This typography video catalogs my experience during my first night in Mumbai.

Go ahead sir bag here sir tip tip tip sir tip sir two people sir tip please sir one more sir please sir thank you sir good night sir hands sir grab door slam sir deaf cabbie oncoming lights street dog dancing stop children stop hotel trunk open gasoline spills on suitcase fireworks boom metal detector beep camera beep belt beep computer beep clear inside dark dark inside sad eyes pastry breasts wanting waist she kneels before me unshaken by downed system downed rum downed eyes 12 4 6 sleep wake sleep wake with the pidegons sir walk with peacocks talk with mustaches sir english not english english not english sir good day sir how are you sir tip sir tip tip tip sir wait sir this bag yours sir one more sir sir no more sir please sir two nights sir smile sir smile


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