vimeo DRIVE-IN

15min 32sec / color, b&w / stereo / January 15, 2013

This video consists of archives of memories.
They don’t have relationships each other but they are used to construct a story about “seeing”.
Images in this video may become another memory for those watched this video in the future.
Actually memory is so ambiguous in some cases.

It’s “Man without a movie camera”.

licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0

"Tokyo by Night on a Roof" from Thomas Maire
"Alone in Kyoto" from Michael__McLean
"weekend diaries" from anshul chauhan
"That world was bigger" from moosecry
"Japan Montage" from Phillip Mansfield
"Gujo Hachiman" from momo
"Whitewater Rafting on the Tone River" from Tak Yoshida
"Hometown" from Daisuke Inoue
"Onboard 2009" from Fertta.TV
"Japan in Spring part 8 Atami & Disneyland" from Amadeo JB
"HASHIMA, Japan, 2002 documentary version" from Thomas Nordanstad
"Japan (1960)" Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org from House.Resource.Org (Public Domein)
"Shinjuku Station" from AmateurTourGuide
"Shinjuku Station, Friday Midnight" from Thomas Maire
"Narrow Street" from Javier Gallen
"Tokyo Dusk 2012-06-06" from Will Hains
"Tokyo I" from Pierrick ROMEUF
"Scenes from Tokyo, in and around Shibuya Crossing" from Anthony Trotter
"Moonrise Over Ueno" from Anthony Trotter
"2010 Tokyo Midtown Christmas Light-up Camera & Vimeo Test 720p" from Hideki Francis Onda
"Awake in Tokyo" from Kyle Brady
"tokyo night bus" from Ken Edwards
"Day 13" from Kris Littlefield
"Tokyo Under Snow" from Thomas Maire
"Nozawa pow" from Linus Zetterlund
"Another day in Niseko..." from CHRIS BARNES
"Japan 2011" from Atte Hynninen
"Creatures in Kaiyukan" from Jim Kapsalis
"Japan" from Nick & Dan Crawford
"Mini Sumo" from Mollitallica
"Tokyo First Night Fireworks 1" from DoAn Forest
"Bon Odori People" from Stefan Lee
"Gujo Odori" from momo
"Koriyama Uneme Matsuri 2011" from Tom Williams
"Sea Bream Festival at Toyohama, Japan" from momo
"A Day Downtown" from Nick Kurtz
"Gai Jin Ga_Signes of Japan" from Rocco Giansante
"The Sacred Three Do Japan" from Alexandre de Bellefeuille
"Hairy Situation" from Mollitallica
"Tokio - ein Stadtspaziergang (walk through the city), German comments" from Oliver Reik
"Tokyo October 2011" from Lee Bradley
"Japan in Spring part 9Tokyo´s Imperial Palace & Ginza" from Amadeo JB
"Day 4" from Kris Littlefield
"Tokyo International Forum" from andrearusky
"Dawn Aoni / Hakuba Nagano Japan" from ubs73
"house in sunami" from kazunori Fujimoto
"naoshima, JAPAN" from zini Park
"Sol naciente" from natalia castaneda
"Made in Japan" from JAM Flicks
"Respect Iz Important" from michelangelo magasic


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