Drupal UX

This subject did not fit into either 'verity' or 'jeremy' as he is a long time Drupal user. (e.g., you can see him hacking the URL to navigate the admin area). I asked him to allow me to conduct a test with him while the audience watched. This is why you hear laughing in the background.

Before I demonstrated, I explained the purpose of the session (to get people to contribute to d7ux), and the wider context.

After the demonstration, I explained some general concepts of user testing, as well as details about Listening Labs. They were able to match that with the behaviours I demonstrated (not leading user, making sure the user felt comfortable, not 'testing' the user, etc).

I'm including this demonstration because I feel it is a good test-of-the test. There were some confusing things about the test I would change.

I would not have the users add a link to the 'side' menu. The only available menu is "maintenance". Unless we specifically ask them to put it on the side, and not in maintenance. Otherwise, a link to the top menu would be good.

Some other things to be culled from this as well.

j vimeo.com/6777925

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