A funny short film that takes a satire look at some of the drawbacks in working freelance video production. Check out the behind the scenes content at themcdo.com/freelance-filmmaking-psa/

Matthew McDonald: Writer/Director
Cooper Morgan: Editor
Justin Adkinson: Director of Photography
Jeremy Guinn: Camera Operator
Tosh Xiong: Camera Operator
Manol Manolov: Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Nick Tresko: Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Joe Chui: Key Grip
Ranya Adkinson: Supplier of candy/Kid wrangler

Adrian Hernandez: Music Score

Actors: (In Order of Apperance)
Matthew McDonald: Announcer
Eric Dennis: Extra
Jason Eskridge: Extra

Stephen Sugay: Editor Prostitute
Joe Chui: Driver
Officer Stillman: Police Man V.O.

Fabien Ferhani: Demo Reel Guy
Kristen McDonald: Spectator
Anna Manolov: Girl Walking
Nina Martina: Short Film Lady

Navid Mostafavi: Razzle Dazzle Productions (Owner #1)
Steve Huang: Razzle Dazzle Productions (Owner #2)
Tamara Adkinson: Little Girl

Jeremy Guinn: Film for Food Guy

j vimeo.com/52521546

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