DSLR Cinematography (OFFICIAL)


Make-up your mind is a short movie about a young student who is obsessed with her appearance and altering it.

Plotline: Vivian is a 21 year old psychology student who works part-time in a clothing store. She is a modern and fashionable girl. Unconsciously Vivian starts to develop an obsession for her looks and delves into a world filled with fear and instability that leaves the audience wondering what is real and what is delusion.


Dominique Vermaas - Director, story writer, producer, editor
Twan Peeters - Cinematographer, story writer, producer, editor
Merijn Bisschops - Filmcomposer

Alexandra van Lier
Kobus Kortmann
Meike Koster
Luna Yilmazoglu
Loveday Smith
Kieran Dolan

Make-up your mind won the ‘Digital Media Production Award for Best Product, Creative Concept and Overall Achievement’ at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and is currently submitted to (inter)national film festivals.

j vimeo.com/65900690

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