DSLR Cinematography (OFFICIAL)

Community n. - a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Above the rocks and beneath the kelp, there exists a feeling of fellowship with others. A unique and beautiful land, built upon the will of 9 generations from all walks of life over more then 200 years. A result of sharing common attitudes, common interests, common goals. Here we are: this unified body of individuals, this community of 51º South.

Twitter.com/51_South (We also tweet)

A Collaboration by : Vern Cummins & Jamie Gallant
Edited by: Christine Wolf
Ass.Edit : Steve Kroodsma
Motion GFX: Ollie Mamaril
Post Supervision: JoJo Scheerer
Title Design: Eric Lee
Colorist: Fred Keller
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Kenyon
Music Supervision: Bryan Ray Turcotte and Michael 'Cali' DeWitt @ Beta Petrol
Original Music courtesy of Beta Petrol
'Dark Clouds' by Adrenalin
Narration by: Keith Biles
Radio archive: Falkland Islands Radio Service

A very special thank you to:
Matthew Price @ BBC radio Jersey, Darren Christie & Falkland Islands Government, Lisa Long & Dan Walsh @ Filmworkers Club Chicago, The Whitehouse Post, Lensrental.com.
And to the people of the Falkland Islands without whom this series would not have been possible.

j vimeo.com/75833032

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