Short movies: DV, HD and Film

"Love in motion. The multicultural journey on finding..."
Screenplay, Direction, Camera & Postproduction
by Julien Plusbeau


With Jacques Rall, Hassan Sleiman, Caroline Panter, Tatevik, Henri, Enzo Brandi, Z.Bijuklic, V.Ketchedjian, Lizzie.

Interviews with Anna Kuntsevich, Lucy & Harald, Babu Kilari, Emmanuel de Greco, Victor, Heidi, Raffaele Carrone, Manuela

Main Language: English

Please place critics and lots of comments & shares :)

Nikon d800 (except for island shot Canon 600d)
50mm lense
A. Premiere
Grey filter
Manfrotto handsteadi
All rights reserved J.Schoener © 2013

A review by Enzo Brandi


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