Eastern Shorts


The music video for the Polaris Prize winning band Hey Rosetta! was directed by Gia Milani and produced by Norwood Cheek for the Atlantic Film Festival 10x10 series. The song is from the original indie version of Plan Your Escape.

The 10 x 10 Series paired 10 up and coming directors with 10 up and coming bands.

During the Atlantic Film Festival the directors randomly chose a band (from a hat) on a Tuesday, the pairs conceived and shot the video on Wednesday, the director edited on Thursday and the video premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival on Friday.

When Gia met Tim he said of the work he chose: "It's a melancholy song, and I want to be a robot."

For the 10x10, Gia wasn't aware she could bring a crew, so she lit, shot, directed and edited the whole film alone! Turned out beautifully though, as the reception the video received at the film festival was great. It played at the ECMAs and won the award for Most Unique Film at the Silver Wave Film festival.

Check out the wildly successful band at
and check out Gia's work on

j vimeo.com/21827441

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