Eastern Shorts

This video is made by one Canadian citizen to implore all Canadians to participate in their democracy.


May 2nd is a big day for Canada; our federal election day. We can surpass by far our poor voter turn out from the last election. We can build a country that reflects our values. Values of strong social services, multiculturalism, healthcare, environmental stewardship, cultural and artistic legacy. We can care about all these issues while maintaining a robust economy.

On April 16th the citizens of the province of PEI held a "Vote. Everything Matters Rally" in the capital, Charlottetown. Over 200 people showed up to share their passion for democratic involvement.

There were a host of musicians out to join in for a ‘sing for democracy’ including Todd MacLean, John Connolly, Teresa Doyle, Meghan Blanchard, and Carmel Mikol.

Poet Tanya Davis spoke words to move a nation.

Other poignant speakers included our MC Mathieu Aresnault; Conor Leggott, a UPEI student and one of Canada’s concerned youth; Teresa Doyle, acclaimed musician and advocate for the Arts; as well as Jack McAndrew on behalf of the Friends of the CBC; Irene Novaczek Director of Island Studies Department of UPEI; and Mary Boyle of the PEI Health Coalition.

We're going to be OK. This country is full of rational, caring, passionate people.

j vimeo.com/22915097

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