The wobble family is an accumulation of strange people that happen to find themselves within the mind numbing clutches of Omaha Nebraska. We all come from various subcultural backgrounds, but the undercurrent is a healthy distrust for reality. The wobble family was born in a wobbly house near downtown Omaha. Seven people officially lived in the house due to the convenience of cheep rent. Dozens of others flopped there from time to time. At some point a decision was made that the house needed a name, and the wobble house stuck. Eventually eviction occurred due to the nature of slacking. Any who... as time passes we just get weirder, and when the normals conspire to swallow your soul we will join together to form a giant robot......or something. The Wobble family also encompasses a crew of electronic producer's and D.J.s who play together under the wobble family umbrella Including, but not limited too: qubit and Numbles. Wobble fact #1 There are three natural states for a wobble head: 1.wobbling- punctuated by the swerving of the natural mental, physical, or philosophical state of the average human being. This leads into the next state of being. 2. Flopping: This state consists of a floppy natured delirium. In physical context this state can and will bring us to our third state of being. 3. Blobbing: this is the most comfortable state, mentally and physically. It consists of a redonkulous vegetative pile of wobblers, cuddling, and comfy time. Wobble fact #2 Some of the family find the term Wobble head derogatory, and prefer to be called wobblers.
Personal Interests
THROWING PARTIES!!!! Blowing minds, melting faces, purple donkeys, and squishy dilapidated nonsense. PICKLES the rainbow capatillar, rats and kitties, mind control, obeying the law. Oh yeah. Also absolute terrestrial transcendence as well as midgets, zombies, bikers, carpet makers, tape worms, black lights, tigers, dual rainbows, goat skins, fuzzy slippers, and penguins.

filmed & edited by Craig Schuster


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