"Frames", short film written by Patrick Floener, adapted and directed by Christophe Hubert & Vito Labalestra (Vitùc) Shot with the Canon 7D and Canon 5D.
A story of boy meets girl. They live next to each other but sometimes, it isn't that easy to keep in touch. But they manage to sort this out.
Elisa Spada, Elena Labalestra, Owen Dee, Ella Grober, Arthur Grober, Ivan Labalestra, Simon Brockers, Alexandre Carvalho, Jean-François Wolff
Adapted and Directed by: Christophe Hubert & Vito Labalestra (Vitùc)
Produced by: Adolf El Assal
Based on an original idea by: Patrick Floener & Zoë Mondloch
Written by: Patrick Floener
Camera Operator: Vito Labalestra (Vitùc)
Camera Assistant: Sirvan Marogy
Steadicam Operator: Raoul Schmitz
Costumes: Isabelle Dickes & Mara Labalestra
Boom Operator and Recording Engineer: Christophe Hubert
Casting: Colleen Blake, Adolf El Assal, Christophe Hubert, Vito Labalestra
Script Supervisor: Béatrix Schwinden
Graphics: Zoë Mondloch
Music by: Fred Hormain
Audio Engineer (Music): Patrick Floener


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