Canon EOS 5D Mark III User Group

Testing high iso, lattitude, Nikon D4, and two Canon FF DSLRs.. GH2 in the mix , for short time..
Resolution was not the purpose of the test, only human eyes pereception here, no charts, graphs, etc.

Alen Bilyk , ARTLineSTUDIO, just got a new 5dmk3, owns 5dmk2, I had Nikon D4, preproduction model.. we took the cams for a spin. On GH2 the battery died soon, had only for the first two shots. it was clear GH2 is not a champ in low light.

Subjectively Nikon D4 is a winner, to us, having amazingly clean picture even at iso 6400, where as 5dmk2 makes hardly usable images at 2000 and higher, 5dmk3 performed quite good we thought, not as good as D4.

Balance was 5000k on all cams. 50mm lens, various shutter speed to make same exposure throughout iso change.
Setting Portrait, non modified in all cameras, D function norm on 5dmk3, D4, smooth -2 -2 0 0 on GH2, Sedna A AQ1 hack, all shot at 24 frame sec, on GH2 20mm 1.7 lens, a little wider view.
No grading, No sharpening of the material, as is,
all converted to Prores, down to vimeo 7000 kbs H264

shutter speed and diaphragm same on all the shots.
Nikon exposes somewhat lighter, while having more details in highlights, compared to two Canon cams.

Panasonic GH2 has incredible resolution, however produces heavy noise at ISO 1600 and higher..
Glad to be able to do that test.
Please make your own conclusions, test cameras yourself, prior to buying. All cameras good for specific purposes in good hands.


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