Canon 1DC

READ ME: Clips available for download are straight out of the camera in Canon Log. This is a primary grade so that you know what you're downloading. Nothing fancy, but enough to check workflow and some gradability.

I got a request on Twitter if I could provide a few Canon 1Dc clips for evaluation. My personal workflow converts the native .mjpeg files to ProRes 422 on import (and they become the new 'masters'), so I normally don't have any "native" clips laying around.

I used a family trip to the zoo today to shoot a few clips that you are free to download below. These are 4k Canon 1Dc clips straight out of the camera, recorded in Canon Log without any sharpening. This was shot handheld with a 24-105mm f4 Canon zoom. The lens has IS, and it was turned on. Regard this as "lower end" 1Dc clips. Proper stabilization and cine primes take things to the next level. Still, this is also what this camera is about: mobility, stealth, convenience and so on with excellent image quality,

Early next year I'll try do upload a batch of better lensed clips from a tripod in more varied lightning and ISOs.

Link to folder with clips:

Files are provided via It's Dropbox with 15GB instead of 2GB. If you want it yourself, sign up with this link and you get 20GB straight away (not necessary to download my files):


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