A short movie based on true fiction.

Johnny can’t get rid of his criminal past.
He’s being abducted in the morning. A few hours
later Johnny’s girlfriend stops thief’s car in a deserted
place. She has her own plans about the future of her lover ...

A film by Evgeniy Golovei & Dmitriy Skiba

Starring: Viktor Rudenko, Irina Potapenko, Danila Prikhodko
Directed by Evgeniy Golovei
Director Of Photography: Alexander Fumarov
Production Engineer & Post-production: Dmitriy Skiba
Stylist: Inna Chumachenko
Starring The Voice Talents Of: Eric Nutting, Dianne Nutting
Color Consultant: Yaroslav Astakhov
Music by:
Love'n'Joy - Flames (myspace.com/lovelovenjoy)
The Prime Ministers - Boy Scout Blues (myspace.com/theprimeministersmusic)
WashingTones - Psycho (washingtones.com.ua)


j vimeo.com/66927295

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