7DPRO [Canon EOS 5D Mark II]

The Baldlands is a live action, feature film that reveals a dystopian world where Baldness has been made illegal by an oppressive government.

The Baldlands is a dystopian farce. It takes the concept of social segregation and government oppression to the absurd and explores the point of view of the ones being oppressed. Follows the losers, the scavengers and the ones who are unable to question authority but still manage to barely function in the society. It explores the idea of hope and fate. It also plays homage to classic dystopian films like Fahrenheit 451 or Logan’s Run.


Imagine a dystopian society where baldness is a capital crime: if you lose your hair you will be exterminated. What would you do if you found out your hair count is below the legal limit? The only answer may be to find a good wig and pray not to be caught by the hair patrol. Set in Dunedin in the near future, the tale follows different characters who have one thing in common: their lives are being directly affected by the supposed existence of a place called the “Baldlands”, a mysterious place where it is rumoured that bald people can still live freely without being prosecuted. Ian and John - two former doctors, now criminals because of their baldness, are at the bottom of the food chain. Whereas Ian just wants to reconnect with his broken family, John is keen to flee town and look for the alleged Baldlands. Donkey and Andrew are the middle players. Donkey is a wig repair man with gigantic teeth who wants to have a dental operation so he can start looking for a beautiful wife. Andrew is a wig dealer whose only true love is his missing cat. At the top of the food chain is the Captain of the local Hair Patrol, who has kidnapped Andrew's cat, and whose only objective is to arrest all the characters above, especially Andrew, his brother in law. All of these characters except the Captain will be forced to go on a journey in search of “The Baldlands”, and more importantly, in search of themselves.

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