7DPRO [Canon EOS 5D Mark II]

- LUCRETIO : Lucretio aka Domenico Cipriani was born in Padua in the year who Cybotron (Juan Atkins ) published his first electronic tracks . He moved to Barcelona in 2003 where he started to produce music as ' Lucretio ' . He graduated at the SAE Institute in Barcelona in music production. From 2007 he began to collaborate with his friend Marieu with whom he founded the project " Xenogears " and the label " Restoration " . In 2009 he launched the project Appointment ( with EMG, Marieu and John Swing) which then becomes the platform on which it is issued Moodyman the official remix of "I Can not Kick This Feeling When It Hits" . In 2011 he founded his own label " solo " " State Machines Polymers" which already has a small piece of history. All tracks are produced only with analog machines , bench mixed analog , tape-recorded and printed exclusively on vinyl. This ideology also inspired the long-running project ' Analogue Cops ' ( with Marieu ) thick material with which he made in collaboration with nd_baumecker Berghain and with Steffi . It was with the latter founded the project ' Third Side ' .

- PAOLO LDSQ (Le Disque Record Store)

- Blessless (Shinoby + QPR + Sonni - Soho Soundsystem)

Song: Lucretio - Want

Matteo Erbisti

j vimeo.com/92910129

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