Canon EOS 60D

Ego is a short, surrealist film that takes place in a dark and dingy basement, where a horde of raging party goers dance mindlessly to the beat prescribed to them by the ritualistic leader; the DJ. The party is observed through the eyes of the protagonist, 'P'. P feels incredibly uncomfortable and longs to take control of his surroundings. He is driven by a love interest, and longs to speak to a girl that is staring at him from the other side of the room. Her name is 'Y'. With one all important drag of his cigarette, P exhales and the room fills with smoke. What was once an all to typical party scene has now transformed into a room filled with bright red balloons. We watch as P makes his way across the room, his every emotion is revealed for all to see. He has one aim, and it is to speak to Y, who continues to stare at him amidst the sea of red balloons. When he finally speaks to Y, everything he once knew about himself disintegrates into nothingness, as he discovers the truth of his existence.

The team behind Ego is working tirelessly to make this vision come to life. What it interesting about the Ego team, is that we all look at the world in a very similar way. Joe Lister (Director), Javaun-Crane Bonnell (DP), Chris Ortega (DP), Emily Walters (AD) David Matthew Friedman (Co Director), Gaby Leveske (Producer) and Adam Schuurmans (Artistic Director) are all committed to making movies that in a word, flip reality.


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