Canon EOS 7D

Music by Jerry Goldsmith. "Main Title/The Mountain" // Epic Records. Canon EOS 7D. Canon 28-135mm. VSCO Film 01.

I get car sick very easily and driving to Point Reyes from San Francisco is nothing like driving up I-95 through Connecticut. It's a long and winding stretch on the California Highway. Mounted on the cliffs over the pacific ocean, you twist and you turn. Ugh… I need to drive!

Eventually you turn onto the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard entering the Point Reyes peninsula and you step into a world that you never thought could exist so close to San Francisco. Hills wrapped in soft green vegetation that seem to go on forever, a road that rolls through the scenery like a warm knife through zero transfat vegetable butter. You think to yourself, "What a place this is!".

After a good twenty minutes cruising past wild elk and dairy farms with legions of happy cows, you realize how vast the peninsula is. You arrive to what seems like the edge of the world, the air so wild you feel like if you jumped you might just be able to fly. On the edge of the cliffs is the Point Reyes Lighthouse with steps that equal the equivalent of a 30 story building. If Adrienne Barbeau can do it so can I! I got out the camera and went crazy.

If you are in the Bay Area, I suggest you take a trip to Point Reyes. Its a dreamland that makes you feel like you are on the other side of the world, and sometimes… we need to feel that way.


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