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Guitar Wolf is a Japanese garage rock power trio founded in Nagasaki in 1987. They have released nine studio albums and have featured in two B-grade science fiction horror movies: Wild Zero and Sore Losers.

Gonerfest heroes from Japan, return to Australia with Beast Vibrator - to save rock and roll.
If you've ever spent time at a recording studio -- or simply tried home recordings on your own -- you may be familiar with the term, "The Guitar Wolf Technique." When applying this style to your recording, you will have done a couple of things: You will have turned all the amplifiers to their maximum volume and you will have cranked the gain knob on the recording device to its max as well - CBS Seattle.

"We just play live for records...everything must be in the red ...there isn't really a technical side." - Guitar Wolf.

Upon wrapping up another 20 plus date US tour, including Gonerfest # 10 (with Mudhoney and our very own heroes The Cosmic Psychos & Onyas), Guitar Wolf will head to Australia this November/ December.
The new album, "Beast Vibrator" - available at all shows.

Guitar Wolf are Seiji (Guitar Wolf): U.G. (Bass Wolf); and Toru (Drum Wolf)

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