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As adventurous story tellers, we always jump at the opportunity to create original, way-out-there wedding videos that challenge and inspire us. It's fun and it makes our job much more worthwhile. However, we do sometimes question what we get ourselves into. Watch this video and I think you might be able to see what I mean. That's right they're boxing. When our creative and beautiful couple, Sara and Eddy, first suggested we incorporate a boxing match into their short movie, I got excited. That's great, I said. It'll be very cool and totally original and it'll be beautiful! But once all the footage was in, the nervousness began. How can we possibly incorporate a boxing match in a wedding video in a way that's artistic, tasteful and on message. I remember biting my nails a little deeper, during those long and frightening editing weeks . But in the end, there really was no need to stress. The answer was actually rather simple. Just let Sara and Eddy be their beautiful, playful, fun selves and everything would take care of itself. And that's what happened and that's why everyone at CocoFilms really loves this video.

j vimeo.com/61596669

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