Inspired by the tea dances of the 1900's, we worked with elder
community members to create a joyful, romantic and seemingly impromptu
waltz outside the front of Westminster Cathedral. It was a great day
and a big thank you to all who contributed to making it so special.

UNTitled Theatre in association with Victoria Bid and as part of the SWFEST
Choreographer Jennifer Malarkey
Movement Associate Ioli Filippakopoulou
Music support and DJ Andy Black
Project Support Lance Kirby & Will Bowden

Filming and video production
TODD Creative Services.

The dancers & workshop participants
Christopher Dunham
Chris Holley
Barbara Beasley
Connie Wensley
Chris Murphy
Jaqueline Anda
Harbhajan Singh
Marilyn Ward
Patrick Ward
Theah Saberton
Almila Ada Bayazitoglu
Sharon Henry
Alexandra Desvignes
Georgina Fisher
Mary Cunningham
Faith Tarby
Clare Meeking
Agnes Hewitt Smith
Ericka Lockett
Theresa Roche
Tamina Davar
Genie Gabel Dunk
Virginie Samuel
Ann Shau
Barbara & Ron Cooper
Taya & Roya Fraser
Peter & Gladys Sauro
Mark Johnson
Joan Johnson
Sandie Petchell
Izzy Herrap
Kim Wong
Varsha. D. Helwani
Tessie Hedge
Maria Rush
Natasha Dennicott
William & Phyllis Dacosta
Mrs Sheed
Iris Bartle
Terry Gonsalves
Miriam Wyles
Miriam Brown
Aeton Smith
Barbara Clarke
Keji Dixon
Tanya Tomalsoff
Anna Cassar
Sue Smith
Maria Chambers
Amelia Walsby
Gill Tennet
Alma Ramnuth
Sylvia Wachuku-King
Jacqueline Anda
Harbhajan Singh

j vimeo.com/46741503

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