expanded architecture

Villa 1:1 is an experiment on the creation of spatial artifacts by the use of sound.
Throughout this project I work with computer code in an attempt to analyze and translate sounds into three or four-dimensional environments.

The research starts off as a programming game of composing sound samples and using them to produce two dimensional maps. These maps of data (e.g amplitude of each frequency represented as pixel brightness value) often contain the time span of the sound sample in a single frame and other times change throughout a series of frames to produce an animated object.
The maps are then combined to generate two different kinds of spaces:
/ The first experiments concern waves transmitting through node based surface-meshes.
/ The latter experiments involve distributing values to an abstract voxel-space. The sound frequencies are divided into treble, middle and bass and translated into three spectrogram samples which are later combined in x, y and z to give a 0 to 1 float value to each voxel.

Villa 1:1 articulates the notion of a villa, an any villa, functionally non-predetermined and implicitly changing; a four-dimensional schema were one after the other, rooms appear through nothingness and disintegrate into nothingness.
The focus is not the production of a rigid architectural piece, but rather 'the unfinished', an act that envisages an architecture in its primordial stage.

Sedated, dreamy, crude but suprisingly sensual, the villa is a place of all possibilities, an unsettled shape which expresses a moment yet alludes to all other possible moments. Complex and heterogeneous but at the same time empty, a space of nothingness where everything is.

[music by Ben Frost - Killshot]

j vimeo.com/73901123

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