Experimental Filmmakers


I took pictures of 299 red park benches for the video in the southwest of Berlin (I shot about fifty pictures more, just to make sure). The audiotrack was recorded in Hamburg on New Year's Eve shortly after midnight. I recorded it while sitting in a U-Bahn-car (public transport), so that's why there are these murmuring voices in the background. If you listen carefully, you might even hear a voice shouting "Zurückbleiben!" ("Step back!") from the outside of the car. It's one of the station masters, which there where plenty of them at that time to prevent the drunk crowd from falling onto the railroad tracks. The distorted sound is produced by a loud speaker inside the car which, I guess, transmitted the radio communication between the driver and the station manager into the passenger compartment, though with undecipherable results.

Video&audio recorded with Rollei da5324; edited with Pitivi 0.13.4.

If you need an alternative mirror, you can watch the video here: ipernity.com/doc/h.d.lange/9132702

j vimeo.com/15130658

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