Experimental Video Art

“The intuition we refer to bears above all upon internal duration. It grasps a succession which is not juxtaposition, a growth from within, the uninterrupted prolongation of the past into the present which is already bleeding into the future. It is the direct vision of the mind by the mind… Intuition, then, signifies first of all consciousness, but immediate consciousness, a vision which is scarcely distinguishable from the object seen, a knowledge which is contact and even coincidence.” [Bergson]

Experimental film in which I've attempted to make a film that exists within film, I wanted to move past the surface and the captured content of the film material and into the virtual space behind it. The film's time and space exists in what Henri Bergson called fourth dimensionalism, or 'real time', where reality is intuitively perceived and experienced rather than as is projected by the cinematograph,

“Such is the contrivance of the cinematograph. And such is also that of our knowledge. Instead of attaching ourselves to the inner becoming of things, we place our selves out side them in order to recompose their becoming artificially.” [Bergson].

This is also an extract from a non-existant science fiction film, a homage to the scenes such as Stanley Kubrick's incredible Time Gate sequence from 2001. In this scene the viewer and the protagonist are transported into experiential time and space.

Music taken from the album A Pact Between Strangers

j vimeo.com/10353949

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