Experimental Video Art

A point. Another point.
A line. Another point more.
The plane.

A fold and both points, exactly in the same place. The line is a line no more. It´s a hyperline.

The space is born and the points turn into minuscule spheres.

A sphere. Another sphere. A lot of more.
An unimaginable and countless quantity of them, almost infinite, probably infinite.
In one sphere, only in one, US: terrestrial bipeds.

A point on our sphere. Other one. A line. A terrestrial line. Millions of terrestrial lines and one, only one, is the most extensive.

Kent Beach in Sierra Leone and Leikou Hill, on the coast of China.

Two points. Two images. A line.
A fold and both images are a line no more. They are a hyperline.

j vimeo.com/11743269

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