Experimental Video Art


3 channel video installation


‘digital oil painting’..

Deep Horizon is dealing with issues of materiality, perception of space and time, living memories within the derelict environments and complex emotions they’re triggering.
Video captures romantic vision of human triumphs and failures, mechanisms and modifications of landscapes with their nostalgic energy, new compositions of post-industrial sceneries with their stillness and constant transformation. New forms of nature.
The video material was filmed at Hartlepool Coast – abandoned Magnesium Factory - Steetley Magnesite, North-East of UK.
Artists use digital technology to engage with a traditional language of a painting and create never-ending instant poetic vision, extremely captivating with its static, absorbing atmosphere and nordic spirit.

The work questions the time as a key element of ones perception.


+ Keine Zeit Exhibition - G.A.S. Tankstelle Gallery - Berlin 2011
+ Experimental Film and Video Festival / Art & Culture Laboratory - Croatia 2011
+ Render Exhibition - Globe Gallery, Newcastle 2010

j vimeo.com/17102014

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