Experimental Video Art

One fun session with Jack Lynch,
Part three of a mini session based series
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Part I

Part II

Words by Jack Lynch

“2 weeks after I acquired my provisional license, I drove myself down to the town of Newcastle on a Thursday afternoon. I like Newcastle; it’s like the northern beaches. Just ghetto. A lot less BMW’s and Range Rovers driving around. I was there to meet Nicholas Damen. The aim to shoot another edit in his ‘One Day, One Slay’ series.”

“The swell was south and the winds were strong. Not the ideal weather for Newcastle for surfing let alone logging. That Thursday night as we sat in ‘Grill’d’ eating lamb hamburgers we made the decision to head south.”

“We had a tip to head to the Coal Coast. We departed Newcastle at 4 am and didn’t arrive back till 7 that night. This edit you see here is what we discovered. Proves those quick day trips are worth your time.”

Jack Lynch X Nicholas Damen


j vimeo.com/23527634

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