Experimental Video Art

RIF/FIR centers around the influence of cinema on our
memory and via Tagesreste, our dreams and sense of
The video version of RIF/FIR is a hybrid between
mockumentary, vlogging, ballyhoo and appropriation. It
is a collection of short videos, voice narrated in
tradition of documentaries, however solely relying on
public domain and stock footage as its visual
counterpart. The content of this mockumentary is
derived of a text which draws on opening and ending
lines of movies combined with crackpot paranoid
conspiracy theories, gradually subverting reality and
The project is built up in a fragmented nonlinear
structure. It can be presented a random order of
webisodes (‘salvos’) or as an experimental short film.

*headphone listening recommended

j vimeo.com/25230479

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