Experimental Video Art

Originally it was a project made at the High School of Arts Saint-Luc in Tournai, Belgium. The purpose of this work was to set up a quick workshop around the thematic of "superheores" involving several techniques with a small group of students in order to create some costumes of superheroes and at last, show the result in a video (Ophélie Descamps, Chloé Leblond, Stéphanie Beckerich, Camille Gonzales, Félix Bisiaux, Marc Joseph, Tim Salme).

After this workshop (in one afternoon) and a short week of digital work (Damien Mathé and Romain Lapie), the final result was shown to the public at the open doors day.
Actually the project is already upload in viméo, you can see the result here : vimeo.com/23527670

The video "Cosmos-Sauce" is an other version of this project, quite different in many ways. I wanted to explore, to experiment, to mix techniques in order to..just have fun with it :)

The video is full of "graphical bugs", so please, watch it in HD !

music :
"Superheroes" by "Daft Punk"
album "Discovery"

small extract a the end :
"The Way of the Dragon" with the all mighty Bruce Lee

j vimeo.com/35688593

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