Experimental Video Art

Documentary art piece exploring US detention sites presented as part of the installation "How to Party like it's 2003 (in Abu Ghraib)."

Public Screenings:
Peace + Justice Week Screening, Beloit, WI, USA.
Arthouse Film and Video Festival Screening, Tampa, FL., USA
Discipline Problems, Alogon Gallery, Chicago, IL., USA

This piece was installed in an orange emergency preparedness tent with a series of props and a set of directions.

It is the second of three videos in a series exploring US detention sites using documentary materials.

In the title, the numbers indicate the years the materials span while the lower case "i" (e.g., ipod, iphone) gives a nod to the sharing technologies that have allowed these contentious materials to freely circulate.

B-roll from the Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDs), CSRT transcripts (Combatant Status Review Tribunals) via DoD, flickr, YouTube, and Tara McKelvey's Monstering: Inside America's Policy of Secret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War.

j vimeo.com/4589003

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