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Lately I've been uploading videos with the name "A Series Of Moments", and this one properly fits in that series, but I wanted to give it a different name.

Here's the description of "A Series Of Moments" so that I can explain the difference:

Doing one of my favorite things to do. Driving around downtown Kansas City, Missouri while listening to NPR.

"A Series of Moments" is my philosophy behind this project. It is a performance of events completely driven by mood and circumstance.

In this video, you will see footage taken by hand with a compact camera taking video on a very large memory card. I use the camera to capture items of interest along my drive, usually with a "shoot from the hip" feel. Often times I don't know exactly what has been captured when I shoot, but I know from experience how to shoot things that I'm not looking at. It's like my third eye.

I enjoy shooting architecture, especially architecture that is in progress, because it is a phase of construction that will never be repeated exactly, and the video serves as a historical document of that moment. The Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts is one such featured structure in this video.

I feel a strong sense of history when I shoot video like this, as though I were helping out some future archeologist or historian get a more complete picture of the city in this moment.

MOST of the driving video that I've taken in the past has been nighttime driving (but not posted), and eventually I'll dig some of those up. But for now, I wanted to get back to some of this and upload current stuff. As it happens, the camera that I normally use had a dead battery because I'd forgotten to swap out a charged battery.

So I dug out my cell phone with a camcorder capability, because I was already driving home, and didn't want to waste the moment. I think in the future, there is some tweaking that I can do to improve the quality. But more importantly to me at the time was to do what I could, where I was, with what I had.

I LOVE some of the lighting that Kansas City (Missouri) has, and soon you will see some video from me that really captures this better. I'll probably even bust out a real camcorder.

One feature that I tried to capture with these recordings (just last night) was the new and fantastic expansion to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. Honestly, I haven't even looked through all of the footage to ensure that what I was pointing my camera at actually made it to the memory card.

Lastly, the audio has been completely untweaked, so the volume is very low in long sections. This is something I normally don't have to worry about with my normal camera. Maybe I'll go back in my video editor and boost it up.

j vimeo.com/6300293

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