Experimental Video Art

The media contained here is documentation of the 4 screen video installation a.nexus.

a.nexus seeks to collapse the distance between the viewer and the electrified texture of our environment. A locked off video camera records images of mobile phone masts in their rural, urban and suburban contexts. During recording of these sites, a phone’s carrier wave is passed through the camera. Through forcing phone and video signal to conflate, the normally imperceptible carrier wave becomes tangibly present and the video recording gains an electrical physicality. Image and audio are accelerated, producing a polyphony of electronic rhythms which seek to communicate directly with the nervous system. a.nexus takes place in and through the viewer’s body and creates a sense of perpetual temporal flux and the visceral sensation of being forcibly connected to heterogenous temporal rhythms. The video image is represented as drawing no distinction between the built environment and the landscape, in one sequence a field of oil seed rape synchronises to the pulse of the carrier wave, an altered crop dancing to an altered beat. The homogenising rhythm of the electronic carrier wave, making the world seem malleable.

The carrier wave underpins all electronics, all our information flows are encoded in it, the prevalence of the mobile phone encodes us in it. It simultaneously penetrates and extends our bodies, the depiction of the pulsing bars of the carrier wave becomes a representation of the technologized body in motion. The corporeal unity of the phenomenological subject is challenged.

The projection streams are intermittent so attention moves around the space, the loops are non-synchronous so image and sound are constantly re-juxtaposed, the documentation media is just one possible set of interactions.

j vimeo.com/9506997

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