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In outrigger canoe racing there are three season. First the IRONMAN season, long distance race of about 12 miles. The IRONMAN races will have the same six paddlers for the duration of the race. The sprint season where teams will race less than 2-miles or about 2000 meters. This race is the first race of the 9MAN races. Where at all times there will be six paddlers in the racing canoe, and three paddlers on a fallowing power boat. Racers will change in and out of the canoe from the water while the canoe is moving. Fresh paddlers will do a pull-up, fro the water into the racing canoe while at the same time, the paddlers preparing to rest will jump out of the canoe. Changes take place on intervals of no less than 5 min and no more than 30. Racing canoes will lose valuable time making frequent changes, but could stand the risk of running tired in a race that is 2-6 hrs long.
In this race there the Imua the winner battled with team California for more than half the race before opening to a lead of three minutes. Lanakila, Dana Point, and Hui Waa battled for third place for three fourths of the course. This was the first time Imua has won a nine man race in 20 years! The team from Hui waa traveled 500 miles to compete with So Cal's finest and came in Third overall second in there division!. many thanks to the escort boat and camera boat drivers.
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