Extreme sports

The past year and 7 months have been the greatest physical and mental challenge of my life. In march of 2012 I fractured the right side c-7 process in my neck after falling doing a flyaway when a bar broke in a photo studio. I was in a neck brace for 2 months and in that time lost most of the muscle in my right arm because a nerve had been effected in the fall. I still have slight numbness in my right pointer finger. Through physical therapy and training I have gotten most my strength back. This film shows my journey.

Never take what you have for granted. If you are physically capable treasure it and use your body to its full potential.

This experience has been the greatest challenge of my life. But often the greatest challenge shows you who you are and what you are made of.

Train hard and safe,

j vimeo.com/77164794

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