Canon T2i w/ Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4
Edited & Graded in Premire Pro CS3

Music: "The Me I Never Knew"
from 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' (1972)
Music by John Barry; Lyrics by Don Black
Sung by Fiona Fullerton

This is a compilation of some video footage I shot while helping my friend Natalia Nicholson on a photoshoot. The shoot was one of a handful designed to evoke the 1970s, and the music being played constantly on set was very different than what I've used here. But Natalia was working from a personal connection to the decade that I don't share, and in editing this footage together I had to find my own way to connect with it. I've done that through Lewis Carroll, my favorite author, and a song from an adaptation of his most famous book. I actually don't care for this particular film version at all, but the song is lovely and I thought it went well with the images.

In terms of composition, color, and lighting I'm very fond of this footage, but I'm disturbed by the prevalence of rolling shutter issues here, as opposed to most of my other videos, which comes from a lack of any shoulder support for most of the shoot (since I was primarily shooting stills). I also had the aperture very wide open most of the time, which in my opinion made the DOF too shallow for its own good in some of these shots.

Even so, I do love the somewhat soft-focus quality the Pentax-M 50mm lens has wide open, and I think it gives me lovelier colors than any other lens I've used.


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