This video - our gift to the splendid world famous Dalí Theatre and Museum and all its workers, creators of their magnificent Website!
Galatea of the Spheres is a painting by Salvador Dalí made in 1952. Surrealism Art Print: This print by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali entitled The Galatea of the Spheres is a marvellous portrait of Dali's wife known as Gala. The painting is a direct link to Dali's belief in Science and DNA and his love for his wife. An incredible piece of Art that is complimented by the white border.
Dalí wished for this painting to be displayed on an easel, which had been owned by French painter Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier, in a suite of three rooms called the Palace of the Winds (named for the tramontana) in the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres. It remains on display there to this day. It was transported to and exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne in 2009, along with many other Dalí paintings in the Liquid Desire exhibition.


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