Within the woods, beneath the sky.

Between the morning dew and glowing dust.

The land where we fly away into the sun.

Where the magic fleets inside your heart.

Find a way into the fairy’s woods.


This video is the documentation scenes of the photo session called 'Down The Fairy's Woodland'.



Created by Studio DID in association with Alteregotroy Photography

Creative Director: Trisan & Moc Romadoni
Stylist: Riori Rachmadi
Make-up Artist: Creza Yuana
Wardrobe: White House by Felisha Thung
Model: Tsania Nadira
Editing, Design & Compositing: Moc Romadona & Moc Romadoni
Thanks To: Army Ferdya & Ferdi Richardo

Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchel (Nilow Remix)


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