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Filmed for SWR in Germany for their Steampunk special. This was also featured on Xerposa steampunk's blog:

This intricate steampunk bodypainting was conceptualised and completed by us, and the beautiful and incredibly professional model was none other than seasoned cosplayer Naruko, who travels worldwide teaching people how to make LARP equipment!

The body paint also has glowing blue UV elements which can be seen in some of the shots. I also built the headpiece for the model to wear. The idea was to make the model come alive with the paint and becoming a walking steampunk machine. I think we achieved it.

Metallic and non metallic paints were both used to make the effect stand out. One of the most intricate pieces to date.

I'd also like to thank the janitor for staying for so long, ensuring none of us got locked in! ;)

Body painter: Wolf Reicherter
Photographer: Ondro


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