In the interest of pushing the boundary between fashion and representation, designer Kat Marks ( engineered a team to produce this film, the Granfalloon. The Granfalloon represents a strong creative collaboration between videographer Paul Bates, Ukrainian make up artist Julia Wilson (, Japanese hair stylist Shinya Fukami (, London based stylist Kalina Pulit, Canadian sound designer Goran Boskovic and fashion designer Kat Marks. The essence of the Granfalloon is one that depicts fashion as a moving image, transforming traditional methods of fashion depiction from photography into film. The Granfalloon embodies ‘emergence’; the films concept that dictates a change in character and the creation of dialogue between what is seen and unseen.

Shot with a Canon 5Dmk2 and a HMC151e. Lens's used: Nikon Primes - 28mm, 50mm and 100mm.


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