Created as part of a body of work for my Masters at the Bartlett School of Architecture (U15)

It is known that the process of memory is a reconstructive rather than reproductive process, always including small elements of error or creation by the brain. This film explores the nature of memory; how every space one enters is experienced as a combination of previous experiences mixed with the sensory experience of the current physical space.
In the film the protangonist moves through a series of spaces of her own creation. We enter the process far into the iterative process. The initial scenes that are informing her choices of creation are long lost as recognisable wholes and now embedded as fragments within the new scenes. Within each scene, the character acknowledges fragments which go on to inform the next scene. The film culmulates in the merging of both visual fragments aswell as perspectives experienced previously by the protangonist.

Directed, written, animated, filmed, modelled and produced by Nancy Ni Bhriain
Actor: Emily Ardizzone
Sound: Soundscape created by Nancy Ni Bhriain from a selection of samples from The Freesound Project

j vimeo.com/2888564

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