Memorsion is an three-dimensional audiovisual experience made up of twenty cloth canvases assembled to create a unique maze of video projections.
Images of urban structures, vast concrete spaces, abandoned buildings and spray-painted walls are displayed and transformed. Forgotten spaces, either out of service or altered by time, are arranged and assembled within the installation, carving out a new singular environment.

The public, by moving within the environment, modifies the video content displayed: the experience becomes different from one visit to another.

Videos are also used to sculpt the exhibition space. The use of multiple screens and it’s resulting effects, is somewhat akin to the 2D multilayer technique, however these moving images are projected and perceived in a tridimensional environment, allowing them to be seen and felt from different vanishing points.

Mapping Festival, Mai 2011 [Performance + installation]
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, October 2010 [Performance]
Eastern Bloc, Montréal, June 2010 [installation]

Video, music, progamming, design, sound recording : Manuel Chantre
Video, music player, motion tracking : Max/MSP Jitter
Music composition : Ableton Live, 3D : Blender
Video editing and color correction : After Effects

This project was achieved with the support of the expo-residence program Vidéographe, in partnership with Eastern Bloc and with the collaboration of the Society for Arts and Technology.


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