Untitled Physics #2 deals with the presence of subsonic bass sounds in the world around us. The sounds create the motion within the work and show the forms of the inaudible sounds.
The work is programmed to make its own decisions based on the choices it made before. By controlling different parameters, it is able to create a constant changing order of motion.

General Artist Statement

The work is about the physical values of the object or space. The main point of interest is the perception of the viewer. By attacking the fixed idea about the object or space, I want to change the way people see and experience the work and the world around them. The small adjustments needed to do so have a lot of influence on the values the viewer will give to the object or space around them.
Important in this is that the fixed values and ideas of the viewer are disconnected.

Nothing is what is seems, and everything is what it doesnt seem to be.


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