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Short film, shot on Super16. Written&Directed by Sila Unlu. DOP: Andy Fabrykant. Music: Steven Roy. Starring Veronika Bellova, Lukas Burian & Michelle Hanks. 2008 FAMU, Prague.

Prague. The old city embracing various people from all around the world. Three people's destinies intersect in a tram stop. The mother of an american family and two young people at the end of their 20s. How a coincidental bump could change a person's life? Is everything a coincidence, or planned to the smallest detail? How seconds could shape our lives? Who could interrupt our lives, who is the king? Are we all just pawns whether we know it or not?

Awards & Screenings:

Best Short Fiction Award, The Golden Cat, 9th Izmir International Short Film Festival

45th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2008
20th International Istanbul Short Film Festival 2008
5th Akbank Short Film Festival 2008
20th Ankara Film Festival 2009
4th Sinemardin International Mardin Film Festival
3rd Sinepark Film Festival
15th London Turkish Film Festival, London, UK
12th Mestre Short Film Festival, Venice, Italy
FamuFest 2008, Prague, Czech Republic
59th Berlinale Turkish Stand, Berlin, Germany
Aye Aye Film Festival, Nancy, France


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