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My Promoter wanted me to make 2 promos of the same event, only with different music. So, this is * EVENT PROMO 2 * with Fukkk Offf's music.

* EVENT PROMO 1 * - with Arnaud Rebotini's Music:

This is a video promo of the event for Eject Management.

At this event I VJ-ed, videotaped, photographed and then afterward made this promo.

Merci to Marc (Eject Management), merci to Fukkk Offf for his soundtrack 'Rave is King', merci to Grégory Guy (aka VJ Firestarter) for shooting me VJ-ing live and to Rouge TV :)

PS: The educational films are from my 16mm collections in Detroit that I transferred digitally. I'm not sure I've seen the "Good Assignment..." film on Prelinger Archives, has anyone? And of course I changed all the titles, the first one saying "Make sure you understand" to "alcohol"...and Gus (kid) understands that! hee hee ;)

Video Promo & VJ footage by Julie Meitz

Eject Management -
Atomic Groove /// Citizen Edition
Globull Club -
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2009

Fukkk Offf
Title : Rave is King
Label : Coco Machete (USA)

Arnaud Rebotini



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