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From filmmaker Bowen Staines (Sólstafir, ‘Fjara’, Skálmöld, ‘Gleipnir’), comes a brand new music video for Iceland’s young, chart-topping classic rockers, The Vintage Caravan. The video is for their song ‘Expand Your Mind’, off The Vintage Caravan’s latest album, VOYAGE.

The Vintage Caravan is a young band hailing from the Greater Reykjavik area, where they are known for their energetic stage performances, and have been extremely active for the past few years. Since 2011, the band has released two LPs, with the latter being released by one of the largest record labels in Iceland. As of September 2013, The Vintage Caravan has been signed to Nuclear Blast, the biggest hard rock label in Europe.

‘Expand Your Mind’ was produced & filmed in Reykjavík, Iceland between September and December of 2012, and completed in Canada in May of 2013. The concept for the video stems from several real-life situations which bandmembers have experienced while playing live; these stories are integrated into the video as part of an explosively psychedelic acid trip, reminiscent of films like the 1981 animated classic, ‘Heavy Metal’.

To keep the ‘vintage’ feeling and spirit intact, every single animation or visual effect in ‘Expand Your Mind’ is animated by hand, frame-by-frame – every single particle trail or motion path – everything, was created without any sort of motion preset or shortcut, as it would have been done at the dawn of computer-based animation. As one might expect, this resulted in an extraordinarily long editing process, taking nearly seven months to complete.

Bowen Staines and The Vintage Caravan would like to thank each and every person that has been involved in this unbelievably long and memorable journey, from our first day of shooting in September, to the last day of editing the following May – your hard work and time are VERY MUCH appreciated. We hope you have as much fun watching ‘Expand Your Mind’, as we had making it! TAKK FYRIR OKKUR!!

PRODUCTION DETAILS (Full cast & crew listing at the end of the video)

Presented by DON’T PANIC FILMS (
Produced by E.T.G. PROMOTION
Directed, Shot, & Edited by BOWEN STAINES


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