Filmmakers HD

Team: YSP Media
Line: "You won't believe this, but I think I have one in the boot!"
Prop: Plastic bag - a character empties out a random jumble of papers onto a surface.
Optional Theme: Theme: "Someone releases 3d printing schematic for atomic bomb, everyone in world has their own warhead"

Director - Christopher Bevan
Writer - Karl Poyzer
Director of Photography - Karl Poyzer
Camera Operator - Grant Murphy
Production Designer - Joseph Maudsley
Sound Recordist - Benjamin Hodge
Editor - Karl Poyzer
Sound Designer - Grant Murphy
Make Up Artist - Jason Andrasi
Production Assistant - Sammy-May Buxton

Carl Bryan - Peter
Joseph Maudsley -Luke
Chloe Varney - Jessica
Lucy Varney - Lisa
Jonathan Bevan - Radio Announcer

Music By Jupi/ter
"4 Suns"

Special Thanks
Phil Arnold
Lee Dilley
Mark Player

A YSP Media Film 2013


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